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ASDA collections in Canterbury

ASDA collection day
We are very grateful to ASDA in Canterbury for allowing us to collect food contributions from shoppers. Our collection dates for 2013 are 9 February, 20 April, 15 June, 24 August and 23 November.

Shoppers have always been extremely generous on these collection days and we generally receive around 1200-1500 items - approximately half a tonne of food!

Trolley keyrings available from Sainsbury's Canterbury

Do you find it really annoying when you need a pound coin to use a shopping trolley at the supermarket?

Well, worry no more! We have produced a trolley coin keyring that you can use instead of a pound coin and, because it’s attached to your keys, it’s always on you (unless you forget your keys of course, and then you really are in trouble!).

Canterbury Food Bank keyrings cost just £1 and are available now from the Customer Service desk at Sainsbury’s main store in Canterbury.