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Emergency food in a crisis
Serving the Canterbury District - Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay & villages Email Webmaster
What our clients are saying
“My spirits have been lifted.”

“It’s put my faith back in people.”

“What a great job these people do, they are so friendly and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all.”

“Dad we can eat dinner tonight.”

What agencies are saying
“Working with Christians Against Poverty has been a real eye-opener in seeing at first hand the difficulties many families face on a daily basis, begging from friends and scavenging from supermarket bins for out of date food. Thank you Food Bank - you are a real lifeline to so many families.”

“How valuable the food bank has been to families in need in our district who otherwise would have struggled or gone without food without your help."

“Your service goes a long way to ease a situation in what are often already difficult times for a family.”